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Tile bases
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We have been manufacturing parasol bases for more than 35 years and have gained a lot of experience in this period. Nowadays, we are one of the best known manufacturers in the market and sell our products worldwide. We sell exclusively to retailers, resellers and B2B. Therefore, we request private customers to visit one of our retailers. Thank you for your understanding.

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Parasol bases in hotel
Parasol bases in hotel


​We offer a broad range of sand fillable and concrete filled parasol bases. In addition, we offer base tiles, which can be used for cross bases, and In-Mould Labeling for specifically selected products.


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Our parasol bases have many advantages. They are aesthetically designed, of a high quality and made of sustainable materials. Additionally, we have a broad range and offer In-Mould Labeling. 


All of our products are manufactured in the Netherlands completely and we are working together with local partners and suppliers as well. As a result, we are able to offer you short delivery times and produce high quantities. 

Parasol base on beach
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