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We once started as a manufacturer of solid concrete blocks and decided to start manufacturing parasol bases as a by-product in 1982. Five years later, in 1987, we switched entirely to the production of parasol bases. After more than 35 years of experience we can truly call ourselves a specialist in this area and one of the best known manufacturers in the market.

Base tiles
Sand fillable parasol base
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Concrete filled parasol base in hotel
Parasol in restaurant
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Concrete filled parasol base for balcony
Parasol base in restaurant
Logo Helcosol
Sand filled parasol base
Parasol bases on beach


Within our company we value sustainability, product quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. These values allow us to reach our goal which is: ''Providing all our clients worldwide with sustainable, high quality and aesthetically designed parasol bases that meet their specific needs and wishes''. 

In addition, short communication lines are used within our company. That way we are able to respond more quickly in any case necessary. 


One of our key values is sustainability and logically this plays a very important role within our company. We namely understand the importance of reducing our environmental footprint and have adapted our business activities accordingly. 

We have carefully selected materials that are both sustainable and hard wearing. That is why our parasol bases are made of a high quality plastic. This plastic can be recyled easily and ensures lower CO2-emissions during production and transport. In addition, we use sustainable types of cement and by-products for our concrete filled parasol bases. 

Furthermore, we are exploring the possibilities with regards to the use of PIR (post-industrial recylced) and PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastics. In this process we also pay a lot of attention to the product quality.

Sustainable parasol bases
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